5 Signs That You Are A Makeup Addict

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Your eye shadow collection is so large that it looks like a child’s painting kit, MAC sales girls are on a first name basis with you and all your savings go towards buying makeup. Your friends and family all think you’re crazy, but these five signs will REALLY help you figure out whether you’re a makeup addict or not.

  1. You know that MAC is releasing a new collection before they do.

You spend hours on the Internet checking out new beauty products, comparing swatches and reading reviews, and you know exactly which collection each brand has launched abroad. You take it to the next level by knowing their launch dates in India even before their sales reps do.


  1. Luxola, Beauty Bay, Nykaa and Feel Unique are saved as bookmarks on your computer.

You frequent these websites in your lunch break, before bed or any free moment you have. Sometimes you log on to make purchases, but mostly you go on these sites just to stare at all the products and wish they were yours.


  1. YouTube and Instagram beauty bloggers are your best buddies.

You don’t just religiously follow PixiWoo, Lisa Eldridge, Huda Beauty, Jaclyn Hill, Zoeva etc on YouTube and Instagram, you memorize details about their posts, videos and techniques because you are so obsessed with them. Your discussions with your friends normally start with, ‘Jaclyn’s review of the lip glosses was soooo good.’


  1. You have four different black eyeliners.

And you justify owning all of them because one is gel, one is a kohl pencil, one is waterproof and one is a felt pen. And although they all look the same on your eyes, you still think you need all four for different looks and different applications.


  1. You never leave the house without wearing makeup.

Whether it’s walking the dog or going grocery shopping, you WILL have makeup on irrespective of the occasion. You need that pop of colour on your lips or kajal to make you look alive. On the rare occasion that your friends or family spot you without makeup on, they always think you’re not feeling well.


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