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If you follow the numerous beauty pages on Instagram and the mighty beauty gurus on YouTube like I do, you’re bound to notice that a new lip colour called ‘Greige’ is having a pretty big moment.

Now whilst I’m all in for cool tones, my experimentation with them is limited to the red and pink colour variety. AlthoughI’m not totally against having some fun in the lip colour department, it is safe to say that the idea of grey lipstick has never ever crossed my mind.

Yes, I know the hundred doubts that are running through your head:

Will it look like I have dead person lips? Will I look like I chain smoke hand rolled cigarettes with no filter? Will my boyfriend want to kiss me ever again? Will I look like I have hypothermia? And why would I want to try grey lipstick anyway?

Yes I completely understand all of the above and the believer in me is willing to give greige lipstick a shot. Why?

Greige isn’t just plain old grey, and as the name suggests, it’s grey mixed with beige and may have either mauve or a brownish taupe base. This cool toned shade has been termed as the ‘edgiest neutral’ out there.

Now although greige is primarily a cool toned colour, the shades vary depending on their base. If it is mauve to lavender based, it goes well on light to medium skin tones, and if it’s base is a taupe-y brown, then it will suit olive to warm skin tones best.

So are you willing to test your lipstick limits?

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