L’oreal La Vie En Rose

L’oreal is known for it’s beautiful range of cosmetics and celebrity collaborations, and one of their most extensive and elaborate collection to date is the La Vie En Rose line. ‘La Vie En Rose’ literally translates in to ‘Life in Pink’ and is literally a dedication of love to women and beauty.

This line comprises of seven moist matte lipsticks, five extraordinaire matte lip-glosses and four les vernis nail polishes all in delectable variations of pink. Each product in this line is created and endorsed by a different celebrity, both Indian and international, and it’s roster of ambassadors contains big names like Katrina Kaif, Blake Lively, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and many more.

Whether it’s lipstick, lip gloss or polish, the symphony of the varying tones of pinks are tailored to compliment every skin tone, and every woman is bound to find her perfect match from this elaborate spread.

I have a soft spot for matte lipsticks, so this collection piqued my interest immediately. I immediately dashed to my nearest L’oreal counter to test out the collection, and immediately fell in love with two shades of pink: Liya’s pink and Aishwarya’s pink. These two cannot be more different in texture and colour, and that was my justification for purchasing both.

Aishwarya’s pink is a blue toned baby pink that has a creamy matte consistency and I personally feel that this Barbie-esque hue will look fantastic on fairer skin tones.

Liya’s pink is bright pop of colour, a hot pink with warm undertones that will contrast beautifully against medium to darker skin tones.

I loved these lipsticks so much that I want to try out their lip glosses too.

If you’re an avid makeup fan and pink is one of your favourite lipstick colours, then a piece of this collection is a must have for your makeup kit.

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